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Disrupt the R&D and innovation of traditional mechanical design.
Promote the upgrading and progress of the machinery industry
Abundant options and diversified processing methods to create your own machine tool configuration
Nanjing Hauto Cnc Machinery Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Hainuo CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the production and sales of sheet metal equipment for a long time. It is located in the China National Torch Plan Bowang Shearing Machine Tool and Blade Mould Characteristic Industrial Base, the National Shearing Machine Tool Industry Famous Brand Demonstration Zone, and the National Machine Tool Supervision and Inspection Center's Bowang District, Ma'anshan

Seamless roll shaft runs stably
The accuracy is ± 0.01mm, the dynamic balance is corrected, and the equipment runs stably at high speed.
Strong hard power
More than 10 large precision processing equipment ensure product quality.
Equipment core technology
It has 60+patented technologies, including 10 invention patents.
Low failure rate of brand parts
Stable operation, low failure rate and long service life.
How to improve the cutting efficiency of laser cutting machine?
Optical fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and low pollution. Compared with traditional cutting machine, laser cutting machine can cut metal and other materials more accurately and quickly, so how to maintain cutting efficiency? Today, Bond Laser shares some points with you.
02/13 -2023
From what angles can we judge the quality of the laser cutting machine?
When new customers first visit the laser cutting machine, they will require on-site proofing. In addition to the cutting speed, the more important thing is the overall quality of the cutting. What are the dimensions to measure the quality of a laser cutting machine? Next, the editor of Bond Laser will give you a detailed introduction
02/13 -2023
Application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry
The continuous development of shipbuilding technology has led to major changes in shipbuilding materials and ship design. The application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding has its unique characteristics, which is closely related to the processing and application characteristics of the ship itself. The unique high
02/13 -2023